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Simon Rouge Studio exclusive deals on Fiverr! (en)

Let’s take your EDM, Rock or Hip-Hop Song to the next level with my exclusive Gigs on Fiverr, a marketplace for freelance services!

Two spicy “Gigs” for all your needs

I made two exclusive “Gigs” (fiverr’s word for offerings) on the platform, one for mixing- and one for mastering-services. There you will find all further information, if you’re interested in a collaboration.

Mixing starts at just 20.- $!

Sounds cheap right? Well, it is! I thought I make an offer for those of you, who just want to get those vocals or acoustic-guitar sounds right. 1 Stem, easy in, easy out! Of course there are more options for the bigger majority of you who wants to have a whole Song crafted to the next level. Take a look, there is something in it for everybody!

Mastering starts at 50.- $

“Wait what, 50.- Dollar?! But on your website, you say 90.- for a master, whats going on?” Good question! Thats easily covered: On Fiverr, i offer you a exclusive basic package to begin with. Limitation: only 1 Stem allowed (means one Audiofile per master). Most of the time, u work with multiple stems in the mastering process (one for Lead, one for Bass, one for Vox, etc.), thats also why my general offer on my website is 90.-/master. More Stems = more work per Song. Options for mastering with multiple stems are also in my mastering Gig on Fiverr (the “Standard” package) wich starts at the regular 90.-/Song. Just go check out all the options and contact me anytime if you have more questions!

Anymore questions?

If I didnt cover all your questions, dont hesitate to contact me any time via – I’m looking forward to work with you!

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